Energy Transference

This technique was dictated to me by Abraxas

Energy transference is something no one should do without proper knowledge of what they are doing. Most would think that when we transfer our energy to someone else, there are/will be no problems, but this is not necessarily the case.

For people who have done energy transference and have had no side effects, this is determined by how receptive the receiver is of the individuals energy.

When you give energy freely to someone, you allow a connection to be created between yourself and the receiver, if you do not close this connection after you have finished, you will find that the receiver can continue to take your energy without having to do another meditation/technique, or even without your knowledge.

The following meditation/technique is specifically for those people who have done energy transference and have found that side effects have occurred between you and the receiver, this is a way to regain that given energy.

However there is no guarantee that the side effects will dissipate once the energy has been bought back to you.


This is a dual technique, so you will need the receiver to be doing this at the same time.

Make sure that the connection between yourself and the receiver of the energy has been closed, otherwise this will not work correctly

  • Both the individual and receiver must be comfortable
  • Both relax your breathing until you reach a meditative state
  • The receiver should now concentrate on the energy flowing inside his/herself
  • Focus on the energy that is new to your body
  • Once he/she has determined which energy is yours (most likely the newest energy within their body), he/she must now create a connection with you to freely give back your energy
  • The individual, in a meditative state must focus on the receiver
  • Focus on the energy that the receiver is pushing out towards you
  • Once you have found the energy, connect with it and begin pulling it back into yourself
  • When you feel you have pulled your energy back into yourself, cut the connection between the receiver and yourself.
  • Finish the meditation/technique

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